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Let the best wheel lock device provide you with peace of mind, secure your car from unwanted drivers and have the best anti-theft security tire lock do the job for you.
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The UniBull
Our Price: $189.00
The PitBull
Our Price: $299.00
The PitBull - Combo Set
Our Price: $419.00
Fits in seconds. Best in price class. All steel immobilizer. Used for personal use or where aggressive removal attempts are not common.
Back in stock and ready for quick shipping!
Extremely Strong: constructed of an space-age aluminum alloy re-enforced with ˝ inch thick case hardened steel re-bar. Simple to use, store, and install. Our flagship product. Lightweight and tough as nails. The same product used for anti theft / auto security and parking enforcement all around the world!
Wolverine Wheel Lock - Without Spike
Our Price: $425.00 Wolverine Low Price!
The “Wolverine” Wheel Lock is designed for parking enforcement and outstanding theft prevention alike!