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If you immobilize a parking offenders vehicle, you can be assured they will pay their fine!

"They always pay, If you immobilize the car"
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The PitBull - Combo Set The Wolverine XL Windshield Warning Stickers
The PitBull - Combo Set
Our Price: $549.00
The Wolverine XL
Our Price: $489.00
Sale Price: $249.99
You save $239.01!
Simple to use, store, and install. Our flagship product. Lightweight and tough as nails. The same product used for anti theft / auto security and parking enforcement all around the world! Our new product, the “Wolverine XL” Wheel Lock is designed for big buses, trailers and trucks
The Wolverine XL is made from high quality steel and can be adapted in seconds to fit on large vehicles
We now offer the Wolverine XL with our without the Spikes
Bright visible sticker lets offenders know they have been immobilized. Just write contact phone number in space provided so violator can pay thier fine. Static-cling, re-usable and stays on when wet.

25 STICKERS PER PACK - 8" x 8"
If you want to increase revenue from parking enforcement , the Pit Bull Tire Lock and PayLock Inc. provide the finest equipment and programs to secure collections from parking ticket scofflaws.
 Lori Pugh, a staff writer for the “Journal” reported of a success story in March of 1998: Don Thorton, director of parking and transportation services at the University of Kentucky said his department increased parking revenues by $80,000 since it began using the Pit Bull's equipment became part of the parking enforcement equipment arsenal. Within just 8 months, their revenue increased $80,000! Booting vehicles as part of an on street collections program has been proven to be the only effective means of managing and/or reducing parking ticket debt.
For parking lots with a full time attendant ; You can use a denver boot style wheel lock to secure payment. Non-paying offenders are sure to deliver payment to the attendant when they return to find their vehicle immobilized.
The process is simple and has proven results. Feel free to contact us with parking enforcement and Paylock booting solutions. We can always find a solution that is right for you.
Corporations and universities interested in parking enforcement should consider Pit Bull's patented Paylock "Smart Boot" system .To obtain more information on our Paylock "Smart Boot" detection and collection technology and its capabilities please contact our corporate headquarters at The Paylock system can enforce parking violations , without the administrative hassles of fine collection.
Contact us today to find out more. Parking immobilizer, parking boot, boot, wheel boot, tire boot, denver boot, wheel locks; Whatever you call them, they are the only way to add "teeth" to any parking enforcement program.